Negativ values in emontx packets - solved

I finished building the emonTx and the emonBase kits. Great fun and awesome kits - thanks!

I uploaded the emonTx_Pulse sketch from github (with no modifications) to the emonTx. Then I uploaded the NanodeRF_Power_RTCrelay_GLCDtemp sketch (modified it to use a static ip - couldn't get DHCP to work). I now get the output below in the serial monitor (see image)

I only use one sensor. The "TSL257 optical pulse sensing kit" is hooked up to the emonTx pulse jackplug.

Q1: Looks like its working but why are there negativ values in "power1" and "power3"? Is that normal? 

Q2: How do i test that my emonTx and optical pulse sensor is working?


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Re: Negativ values in emontx packets - solved

Hello trendt, good job on building the kits!

The issue may have been to do with the emontx_pulse data structure for sending the data via RF. I have modified the emontx_pulse example to have the same structure (4 integers) as the emonbase example:


typedef struct { int power, pulse, misc1, misc2; } PayloadTX;

PayloadTX emontx; 

On the emonbase the variable power will come through as power1, pulse as power2, misc1 and 2 as empty.

If you wish you can rename the variable names on the emonbase to something more suitable.


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Re: Negativ values in emontx packets - solved

Thanks, that solved the problem :-)

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