rf12_initialize hanging sketch


I'm uploading the emonGLCD_HEM sketch and it gets stuck in the rf12 initialization (rf12_initialize(MYNODE, freq, group)), commenting the line runs the sketch but obviously displaying a RF failure message on the display.

Any of you had the same issue? maybe wrong soldering?

thank you for your help



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Re: rf12_initialize hanging sketch

What do you mean by stuck? Does it upload but doesn't run? It could be a faulty RF module, try double checking the soldering and module orientation. Can you run the RF12 demo sketch in the JeeLib library? 

To test the RF functionality on its own we have written a couple of RFM12 test sketches:  https://github.com/openenergymonitor/RFM12B_Simple

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Re: rf12_initialize hanging sketch

Hi Glyn,

it seems the soldering has joint two pads under the chip, unfortunately desoldering the rf12 has removed some of the pads so I'll have to get another chip I hope I didn't screwed the PCB.

I have tested the other components and seem to be fine, thanks for the sketches.

Thank you for your help, happy Easter!



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