Wind turbine monitoring

hi everybody,

I'm new to these forums, I'm French and I don't speak English very well, excuse me for this.
I like your system and thank you for your work. I work to use it to monitor a wind turbine. For the power is not a problem but for the wind sensors I need to make the interface.
I use NRG Systems sensors : a #40C Anemometer and a #200P Wind Direction Vane.
It's for that I want to build a shield compatible with the OEM's project to monitor a wind turbine.

Everything I've done is here :

In the shield repository you can see the schematic, and the arduino files.

The web page is that of the monitored machine. but the views aren't really the best.
For the moment I have install one but I need to make some modifications. At the start I want only see if all's good.

The interface for the sensors are good, now I need to built a real shield because I have some problems with the grid frequency. For the moment the values isn't good but I come back at the end of the month to make any modifications.

What I want test :
- use a software filter for the anemometer.
- Change the representation of the wind vane sensor, for my we don't need the real value (in degrees) but only the wind direction like East, North-East. We can used 8 to 32 divisions.

for the power measurement, I use a WattNode pulse because I haven't CT. I need to buy a new.

And after work on great views for the wind, like wind rose, Weibull distribution...

On github a lot of text is in French or in a bad English, excuse me, I hope soon to have time to translate.

I wanted to share with you my little work but I was rather busy lately.

see you soon,



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Re: Wind turbine monitoring


I continue my project, I just receive my 10 first PCBs for the shield.

I'm starting to work on process and visualizations for wind data.

I write this post to explain my idea and talk with others interested persons .


All the code is here


To create a wind rose, I thinks we need to process the data in first, I chose to convert the degree en axis value. For this, we need to configure the number of axis, it's a multiple of 8. and I think it's good if we can chose 8,16 or 32.

I have add a line in the input/process_model.php

$list[36] = array(_("Log wind direction"),ProcessArg::FEEDID,"log_wind_dir",2,DataType::REALTIME,"Wind",array(Engine::PHPFIWA));

add create the function:

public function log_wind_dir($id, $time, $value)
    $value = floor(($value + (360/(2*16)))/(360/16));
    if ($value == 16) $value =0;
    $this->feed->insert_data($id, $time, $time, $value);

        return $value;

For the moment, the number of column is fixed at 16, but I have no understood clearly how to add a variable in a process.To draw a wind rose, we need to use two feeds, the wind speed and the direction. To draw simply, I've found the rose library here : jumflot Rose. It's a jQuery flot plugin, I think it's a simple way to draw wind rose on emoncms.

wind rose

After, it's important to draw the wind speed frequencies, for this we need to create an other process to convert the speed value to a column. I have add a line in the input/process_model.php

    $list[37] = array(_("Log wind speed frequency"),ProcessArg::FEEDID,"log_wind_speed",2,DataType::REALTIME,"Wind",array(Engine::PHPFIWA));

And create a function :

public function log_wind_speed_frequency($id, $time, $value)
    $value = floor($value *4);
    $this->feed->insert_data($id, $time, $time, $value);

        return $value;

After it's just a simple bar graph to display a column for each 0.25 m/s.

wind speed frequencies


All is not finish, but I'm not a web developer and if some persons are interested, we can work to add it to emoncms.


have a good day.



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Re: Wind turbine monitoring

Hey gilou, that looks brilliant, nice work! If this can be added as an optional module to emoncms that would be great.

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Re: Wind turbine monitoring


Thanks, I learn a lot to develop this project, it's fun but slow.

I've seen this page : developement/modules and it's effectively a good way to make a module to display the wind data and the wind turbine's production.

But how to make a module to add process?

Thanks for your reply.

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