Controlling electricity in multiple flats via wifi

I am looking at combining multiple energy monitoring modules in one package to provide energy monitoring for multiple flats. I will also like to connect through wifi.  In addition, I want to be able to remotely switch load on and off. Any one tried this before? what kind of kit do i need?

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Re: Controlling electricity in multiple flats via wifi

Hi James,

Each flat would need at least its own emonTx to report energy use, for each of these to connect by wifi you will need an emonbase for each flat also. Alternatively, depending on structure, layout and distances, you may be able to use one emonbase and to connect  a network of emonTx's.

The latter option will be cheaper due to less hardware but the first option will give you much more scope for adding control. either option can report all flats data to one emoncms


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Re: Controlling electricity in multiple flats via wifi

My understanding is WiFi needs far more processing power than is available in the Atmel microprocessor that all our designs are based on, so we tend not to use it. I can't think of anyone mentioning using WiFi, except with a Raspberry PI. If you go down that route, you'd probably need to use the emonTx connected directly to the Pi as here,  with the WiFi dongle in a USB port; and if you need load control you'd need to design a power switch (which could easily be the switch used in the PV energy diverters) to be driven by your Pi.

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