Build instructions for Arduino shield (latest version)

Hi all,

Just received my Arduino shield in the mail and am champing at the bit to get started!

However I can't find any instructions for building/putting it together. There are some in the WIKI about the original PCB (i.e. non-SMT) but I can't see anything for the new version.

I realise it is relatively straightforward, just solder the 4 sockets and various headers, but I am not sure about the jumpers - since I have no RF module and will be putting this on an existing Uno - do I need to add these if I have no RF?

Also, since I am putting this on an Uno do I need to solder on the UART header? What is this used for?

Many thanks!


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Re: Build instructions for Arduino shield (latest version)

Well I built the shield and didn't solder on the UART header or the two jumper headers, and everything seems to be running just fine. Even got a DS18B20 soldered on and that is now happily reporting temps. 

Great project guys - thoroughly enjoying the journey!

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