Notify module

Hello everyone,

I installed Emoncms on MY QNAP NAS and everything works very well.

After I installed the add-on "Notify"  following the instructions on

When I try the php script "cron.php" from console appears the error:

"mysqli :: query (): Unable to fetch mysqli in / share/MD0_DATA/emoncmsdata/cron.php on line 33

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_object () on a non-object in / share/MD0_DATA/emoncmsdata/cron.php on line 37 "

Any ideas?

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Re: Notify module

I note your comment that you have Emoncms installed and running on a QNAP NAS. Can you elaborate how you installed emoncms?

​I have a QNAP 469 Pro. Linux NAS, running QTS 4.1.2. see

QNAP Forum has an attempted install, which aborted, see. Unfortunately QNAP NAS nas does not have apt-get, pecl or pear. I have optware installed and can easily ssh into box, but stumped how to proceed.

Any help, gratefully received.

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