Clipping on a CT sensor - RESOLVED

I am testing on the CT sensor by attaching the CT sensor to my laptob 's cable,  it shows out 6 - 10, but when I detach CT sensor from the cable, the reading is still not changing.

Is that normal ?  because I would expect by attching to a appliance, I will get a higher level of reading, 

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Re: Clipping on a CT sensor - RESOLVED

CT Sensor needs to be placed around live only, not around live and neutral as in a standard lead.  Ideally put the sensor around one of your meter tails.


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Re: Clipping on a CT sensor - RESOLVED

Yes Lloyd is correct. The CT must not be clipped round both live or neutral, either one or the other. CT also only work to detect AC current. The cable going into your laptop will be DC. 

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