230V to 127V - what are the changes?

I live in Brazil and i want to buy emontxV3 to a project, but i need to know what changes do i have to make on the code to use here? is it the same calibration and burden resistor? How many samples ? Any help will be appreciated. 

Att. Henrique

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Re: 230V to 127V - what are the changes?


You should have a look to the "Building Blocks" menu on the chapter Non-invasive voltage measurement. You will find all the information you need to answer your question.


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Re: 230V to 127V - what are the changes?

I am not sure that is the correct answer. Firstly, the burden resistor has no connection with the system voltage. Secondly, the number of samples - assuming you are concerned that there are less samples in a 60 Hz cycle than in a 50 Hz cycle - makes no significant difference. The calibration change you need will happen if you use a different ac-ac adapter for your power supply, and as Olivier says you will find everything you need in Building Blocks.

Note that if you do substitute a different ac-ac adapter, and you do not use the one available in the shop, then you must make sure that its performance exactly matches the one sold here or it is likely that the power supply inside the emonTx V3  will not work correctly.

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