using sparkio wifi / cloud base arduio

Sparkio has a cloud based wifi $39 arduino. I think its the best bang for buck arduino ever.

In short I have sine waves of voltage and two current sources at its pins using hcpl-7520 ic.


(This is more linear and doesnt have phase shift and linearity issues of ct clamp.)

The open source  software to get voltage, current, power factor has already been written.


I want to integrate this into open energymonitor / emon.

Im not familiar with all this setup, so would like to know where to start.

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Re: using sparkio wifi / cloud base arduio

If your front-end is already calculating everything you need and you're just looking for something to display the data, emoncms is what you need.  It's well documented.  You can either download the sources and host your own cloud server, or you can create an account on and point your front-end at that.

One neat feature is you can test your dials and dashboards simply by manually typing the data into the URL of your browser, while watching the dials in another browser.  Once you're happy that's all working it's simply a matter of getting your front-end to generate the same http requests as you manually entered in the browser.

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