will it work with my meter?

Hi, I notice mention of only supporting smart meters, is this really the case and what happens if i have a WATTHOUR meter that has been in place for at least 20yrs, will the CT monitor still be able to measure from this?


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Re: will it work with my meter?

I think you've misread something somewhere. The emonTX (as the measurement front end) is completely independent of any meter that you have. It will work with any meter, or even without a meter (though I'm sure we'd all like to know how you came to arrange that if it is indeed the case!).

Don't be confused by the energy diverters. These exploit specific characteristics of the meter to allow you to make the most advantageous use of energy that you generate from a private generator (usually but not necessarily PV). The diverter too is completely independent of the meter, but it's possible to tweak its operating parameters to best exploit the characteristics of the meter you have.


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