Pinoccio as a temperature EmonTx.

Hello ,

I am a newbie in OPenEnergyMonitor from Mexico .

I want to know if its possible to have Pinoccios Scouts sending Temperature or others sensors informations to emonBase.

Pinoccio specs

this arduino base mesh wireless has 2.4GHz Wireless using 802.15.4

Maybe is completely incompatible with RFM12Pi  and my question has no reason to be.

Thanks for your help.




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Re: Pinoccio as a temperature EmonTx.

Unfortunately you are correct, the mesh wireless is completely incompatible with the RFM12Pi, which uses 433 MHz or 868 MHz.  The only way you would communicate with a Raspberry Pi would be to use a "Lead Scout" and a WiFi dongle in the Raspberry Pi.

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Re: Pinoccio as a temperature EmonTx.

Understand , thanks for your response.

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Re: Pinoccio as a temperature EmonTx.

Yeah, definitely won't work across radios between Pinoccio and the RFM12.


Robert describes one way you could have Pinoccios interact with EmonTx, by having a Lead Scout connect to a Pi via Wifi.

Another way would be to leverage either serial, SPI, or I2C to connect a Field Scout directly with the Pi.   This essentially acts as a mesh radio for your Pi, getting it on the 2.4GHz Pinoccio network.  Then any Scouts anywhere can participate with your existing monitoring.  

Serial's probably easiest, but it's also the slowest of the three buses listed.  

Eric @ Pinoccio

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Re: Pinoccio as a temperature EmonTx.

i will try I2c or SPI conection to the Rpi i will be back with my tests.




Daniel  @danisam


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