32 current sensors? mux chip?


So I want to monitor every breaker in my panel. I saw some of the other threads on here, about doing it... seems like total overkill to have the CT to A/D pins, for every circuit.

Has anyone thought, of using say a 74HC(T)4067 mux chip, with 16 to 1, to connect each one of the C/T for say a 1/4 second, into the A/D pin, for sampling?? And then round robin around the panel? Or use 2 A/D pins?







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Re: 32 current sensors? mux chip?

Or consider using the Mega2560 as your cpu, it effectively has your mux built-in.

But either way, accuracy will suffer because of the greatly reduced sampling rates.

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Re: 32 current sensors? mux chip?

Someone tried adding a 16 channel multiplexer a couple of years ago, had problems and never reported back, so I have no idea whether that project was successful or abandoned.

There's no intrinsic reason why it won't work, but as dBC points out, the amount of processing power you have, the speed of conversion and whether or how accurately you can synchronise the multiplexer and the ADC puts a limit on how often you can sample each channel, and you need to evaluate all of that against your requirements.

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