emonTxV3 - problem after uploading emonTxV3_3Phase_Voltage sketch [SOLVED]


I'd like to use OEM to measure a 3-phases power installation in a building.

So I set up the emonTxV3 (full-assembled) along with a Raspberry Pi.

I plugged in the 3 CT sensor to each of my three phases along with an 9V AC-AC adaptor. I can see the values of the inputs varying on emonCms depending on the consumption. Of course these values are not accurate / wrong (I can see negative values sometimes on one phase) because the emonTxV3 is shipped with emonTxV3_RFM12B_DiscreteSampling firmware which is intended to measure a 1-phase installation.

So I uploaded the emonTxV3_3Phase_Voltage firmware using avrdude. The sketch is uploaded without any errors but then the red LED doesn't turn on and nothing happens. If I upload the emonTxV3_RFM12B_DiscreteSampling sketch everything is fine and the data is transmitted.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: emonTxV3 - problem after uploading emonTxV3_3Phase_Voltage sketch [SOLVED]

What do you expect the LED to do? If you look at the sketch, you'll see that it should briefly flash each time data is transmitted. If you were expecting the same sequence as the Discrete Samples sketch - no, it doesn't do that.

Have you checked the serial output? Have you turned debugging on and checked the serial output again? I'm afraid "nothing happens" doesn't narrow down the problem area very much.

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Re: emonTxV3 - problem after uploading emonTxV3_3Phase_Voltage sketch [SOLVED]

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your answer.

The problem was that I directly tried to upload the pre-compiled .hex file using avrdude like explained here.
When I said "nothing happens" it means : no led turning on, no flashing.

So what I did is I set up the Arduino environment (like explained here), compiled the code and uploaded it. Now the led is flashing and I can see values in emonCms.

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