Built monitoring kit, but displaying erratic value's.

I've now built the emonGLCD, emonTx and emonbase kits, and have managed to run test and the site provided scripts which appeared to go in alright (except the emonbase), but the displayed value's are not relevant to my load i.e.  my house load is currently 481W but the GLCD displays 2358W for load and appears to follow the generation value (going up and down along with the solar display).

For the emonGLCD I have put in the 'emonGLCD_solarPV_AutoTime_TempLog' script which all displayes on the screen, and it even shows the room temperature.  The light sensor doesn't appear to do anything though.

For the emonTX I have put in the 'emonTx_CT123_Voltage' script which appears to have gone in alright as the green LED flashes and the GLCD does display value's.  But the displayed value's have no bearing whatsoever to my current load kW.  When I remove the solar CT (connected to CT1) the displayed value does drop to 0W but removing the consumer board CT (connected to CT2) then the value just stays in line with what is being generated.  In the script, I did change the value for CT2 to a 1, and CT3 was left as 0.  I also have the ac to ac power adaptor supplied via the shop.

For the emonbase, I cannot get any response i.e. lit LED's and when installing the 'NanodeRF_singleCT_RTCrelay_GLCDtemp' script the arduino program displays a message "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00".  I have tried different MAC value's but nothing appears to work.

The solar system I have is connected as Type 1, as per diagram here - http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/sites/default/files/PV%20monitor%20OEM%20compare.png

Then there is the temperature sensor which I've found reference to wiring it to the 3.5mm plug, but I've not sure what colour wire corresponds to gnd, vcc and date, as per - http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/buildingblocks/DS18B20-temperature-sensing .  I'm sure this must be absolute basics, but I'm afraid I just don't know and have not managed to find any reference to this online.


I hope there is something simple I've missed in all of this as it has been quite a learning experience with never having used any of this sort of stuff before. Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Built monitoring kit, but displaying erratic value's.

Ok, a little further forward now.

emonTx - I realised I had put in the script for the Type 2 setup and had been using  the ac - ac adaptor, but as I have a Type 1 setup I don't need it.  I've now put in the correct script (emonTx_CT123) and it now displays the solar generation, but still no house demand (as it's dark I have temporarily swapped the solar for demand ct's just for indication).  When I swap the ct's from solar to demand etc., I can transfer the kW readings on the emonGLCD.

So now for the house demand part.  In the emonTx_CT123 script I have set the CT2 = 1 to enable the CT2 plug.  Is there anything else I need to do?  I have tried setting CT2 = 0 and CT3 = 1, bu this made no difference.

At least my emonGLCD appears to be functioning well.

I've still no external temperature sensor as I cannot find anywhere what part of the 3.5mm plug to solder the red, white & black wires.  Can anybody help with this?



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Re: Built monitoring kit, but displaying erratic value's.

That's me got the emonGLCD and emonTx sorted finally.  I'm sure this stuff must be a doddle to most of you, but it has been causing real frustration for me - but I'm learning, and thats good (I think).

In the emonTx_CT123 script I downloaded, I had previously set the CT2 = 1.  But I only then saw reference to CT1 for the calibration and print - I had no idea really what was going on but I had to take a chance and write a reference to CT2, as per below.  And that sorted it as I now have demand and generation showing (generation substituted as it's).


emontx.power2 = ct2.calcIrms(1480) * 240.0;
Now onto this emonbase board - it just looks dead at the moment.  From what I've read then all I'll be needing it for initially is the time as the server stuff from what I've read is way over my head.  It'll have to wait for another day/week/year!
Still no idea on wiring this temperature sensor 3.5mm plug.........
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Re: Built monitoring kit, but displaying erratic value's.

No wonder the emonbase appeared dead - I had soldered a short between the 22pF and 100nF capacitors right next to the FTDI plug.  Thankfully now I've ran the NanodeRF_singleCT_RTCrelay_GLCDtemp script everything is appearing to work ok.  When monitoring it with Arduino I can see it is talking to the emonGLCD and emonTx and receiving the current time, so it appears no damage has been done.




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Re: Built monitoring kit, but displaying erratic value's.

I've kinda lost track of this thread, does all seem to be working ok now? If so, good work!

Are there any bit of documentation information that you feel could be better presented? Feel free to correct, improve and add too the documentation this site is an open wiki. It's very hard to write good documentation for something if you know it well! 

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