Using the RFM69CW module from Hope

I'm trying to use the RFM69CW module from Hope in place of the standard RFM12B.  By using the latest version of Jeelib, my test sketch is now running rather than locking up as it did before.

Before including <Jeelib.h>, I understand that the line #define RF69_COMPAT 1 needs to be present.  When set to 0, the code should run with the RFM12B, which it does.  When set to 1, it should run with the RFM69  which it is also now doing.

My problem is that no RF activity seems to be happening.  The Serial Monitor tells me that each message is being assembled and is ready for being transmitted, but no RF appears to be coming out of the aerial.   My receiver platform is detecting nothing.

On a similar board which has an RFM12B in place, and with RF69_COMPAT set to 0, and the same sketch and libraries, transmission is fine.  Both of my hardware platforms are similar to the emonTx V2, and I am using 868 MHz chips throughout.

Does anyone have a transmitter sketch which works on this kind of platform with the new RF chip?  Maybe there is some extra instruction that needs to be present.  It's as if my RF69 module has not been enabled.

Hope someone can point out what I'm doing wrong.



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Re: Using the RFM69CW module from Hope

Actually the Jeelib RFM69(CW) code is not yet fully tuned to be 100% reliable.




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Re: Using the RFM69CW module from Hope

Was this ever solved? the bug is closed, but I cannot see a resolution or i might have missed it in the long thread.

I have the problem with RFM69CW that I'm not getting any data using jeelib( with #define RF69_COMPAT 1)



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Re: Using the RFM69CW module from Hope

Sorry, I'm not aware of a solution being posted. 

In my case, I got around the problem by fitting the standard RFM12B units instead. 

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Re: Using the RFM69CW module from Hope

I am using the RFM69W's with JeeLib in compatibility mode. I haven't had any issues after I made minor adjustments to RF frequency offsets to get lowest RSSI. There does seem to be an issue with the rf12_sleep() function, so I don't use it.

I just added a LCDnode (similar to emonGLCD) and have three TH2RF (similar to emonTH) nodes with a RF2Pi gateway (similar to RFM12Pi).. All nodes and gateway have RFM69W. Also using Node-Red for gateway SW interface to Raspberry Pi.

Refer to LCDnode video on Youtube:

Refer to system details here:


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Re: Using the RFM69CW module from Hope

Do you have any news about the rf12_sleep() issue when using the RFM69 module? Was it corrected?

tgmaxx, I saw in your site ( that you have removed the calls to rf12_sleep(), but how do you manage the power consumption of the RFM69 when the node is battery powered? The Rx consumption of the module is very high, it should be put at sleep.


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