Sending data from Arduino to Emoncms

Hi all,

First of all saying that Im spanish and sorry if you don't understand something. I'm new to this forum and I was interested in building a power meter, thanks to this forum I have made ​​good progress in knowledge of Arduino and programming.

My idea is to build a pulse meter. Would be connected via wireless to a base which would send the data to the server emoncms. To do this I then have two arduino UNO boards, an ethernet module and two modules of wireless NRF905 type.   I just need to pick the number of pulses, transform to power, send them to the base and sending it to the server.

My question is if I can use the sketchs of Nanode base for my Arduino base,  I've tested some sketchs and the server does not detect any input.

- Boards:

- Ethernet shield:

- Wireless shield:

- Sketch tested: (BasicWebClient)

The serial just print "03 - Basic Web Client", I dont know really if i can use this libraries with this shields :S


Thanks to any reply.