constant red led emontx v3. need help



I had my emontx v3 using 5 ds18b20 temp sensors. this have been working for 3months without any problems.

so last week it stoped working and the read led is constant. tryed to reset.
Tryed to upload new sketch.

Uploading new sketch working with no problem.

i use this only for temp monitoring.

Firmware used is attached in message.


I tested to use serial monitor. but the emontx v3 is not responding to serial monitor (no output).

I also used the example sketch that not been chenged as it is from the git download area.

Anyone that can help me debug this?
Emoncms is allso not register any from that node i set. also tryed to change node. no data sendt to emoncms or rpi.
My other emontx v3 that is sensing power from my heatpump is working ok.

any help is welcome


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