9V AC-AC Power Adapter for European Union

Olá again :)

This time my question is about the voltage meter and the power adapter that I will use. I read the documentation present in OEM and the transformers that you used are for UK. Anyone knows about a similar one for EU (220V 50Hz)???



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Re: 9V AC-AC Power Adapter for European Union

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Re: 9V AC-AC Power Adapter for European Union

Great Thanks for your help mharizanov!! Do you know if there's another kind of voltage meter to introduce on an electrical panel?? Something with crocodiles clips??

Another question I took a look in OEM shop and on arduino power supply. As I'm from Europe there's any other transformer to use in EU, than the existence on http://shop.openenergymonitor.com/power-supplies ??


Obrigado :)

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Re: 9V AC-AC Power Adapter for European Union

I am using also a 9Vac 0.5A converter, problem i just run into is that I bought another converter for a duplicate setup but i got a 1Amp 9Vac.

Well problem is that 9Vac after the bridge rectifier and capacitors gives around 12,5V. there is an lcd, ethernet shield and ct sensors connected. so consumption is around 0.38Amps

That means onboard regulator must deal with P = (12.5-5)*0.38= 2.85 Watts of heat

For some reason with my 0.5Amps converter this was no problem but with the 1Amp converter the regulator gets too hot and voltage starts dropping until it hits under 4.2V and arduino shutsdown.

Anyone can tell me why with the 0.5Amps its working (for 2 years now) and with the 1Amp this happens? The consumptions are the same around 0.38Amps.ç


Thanks !!!

and btw, great shop website, hadnt seen it till now. I will tell a friend about it as he was thinking about getting a setup build.

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