Aurora PV Inverter to (RS485 to USB) to Raspberry Pi to this possible?

I am working on a project to get the energy generation data from our 8 rooftop PV panels online to a website similar to emonCMS. We currently have an old Magnetek Aurora 3600-US-OUT inverter, which stores the data internally, and there is an Aurora Monitoring dashboard to graphically display the readings, but it only hooks up to a local computer...we need this information online. I found an option ... hack the Aurora Monitoring software and get it online to the website, but I prefer emonCMS visually, so I would like to know if any one has a hack to get it running on emonCMS instead, by hooking up directly to the inverter.

The current design is to directly connect to the inverter through its' RS485 connection. The RS485 will connect to a Raspberry Pi through an RS485 to USB cable. The RS485 to USB cable transfers the logged data from the Magnetek Aurora inverter to the Raspberry Pi. The raspbery Pi will be hooked up to the network via ethernet cable to a LAN port, and we will use the LAN's IP address to connect to the open source software, and get this data online. Does this seem doable to any one who has experience with the Aurora Monitoring software?

I appreciate any and all advice, as I don't exactly know what I'm doing at all, and need this project completed for a class project at Humboldt State University, monitoring the solar panel data online for all to enjoy.