Smart Charging a EVSE with OpenEnergyMonitor RF data, Working!


Here an update for those looking at Smart Charging your electric car (EVSE) with solar power surplus or available power of your main switch with OpenEnergy hardware.

Last couple of months I've been helping & testing software (EDL) that uses the RF signals from the OpenEnergy Sensor box (emonTX) to adjust the charging rate up and down on a KeContact P20 (which is a 3phase 32A car charger that can be monitored and controlled over TCP/IP).

All credits go to Nico the creator of EDL :-) I just supported him by sending out a full OpenEnergyMonitor system to get him fully equipped for testing and developing this feature on EDL.

Currently I'm running the EDL on the same node (raspberryPI) that runs my emoncms as well and the results are good and can be considered stable.

EDL software and manual how to set this up:


My next idea is to take it a step further and see if it is possible to contribute to one of these opensource EVSE:

OpenEVSE (also ATmega based, smart charging not implemented yet)

SmartEVSE (PIC based project but already using CT's for the smart charging)

Both are open Hardware and Software for charging Electric Vehicles (EV) using the J1772 signaling protocol.

The OpenEVSE is mainly targeted on the USA and lacks a socket locking signal, the second is more focused on Europe and does support locking the charging socket during charging your car and also fully supports Smart charging based on your available main switch power.

Hope this information is helpful for others.