myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

I've done a little more work on the emoncms myelectric dashboard interface (version 8.0.8 of emoncms

There's improved responsive design, the number of bars displayed depends on the width of the display, the bar chart height also changes to better fit the screen.

The dashboard settings can now be accessed via the wrench icon top-right.

and the main thing is that its now possible to use different feed types to generate the daily kwh bar graph. Its possible to use watt hour or kwh elapsed feeds (using the approach explained here: Its possible to use the daily feed type as generated by the power_to_kwhd input processor and its possible to use timestore or phpfiwa (php - fixed interval with averaging) instantaneous power feeds as these generate hourly averaged layers which can then be used to generate average daily power thats then converted to daily kwh by multiplying by 0.024.

Here are some screens of what it looks like:

Desktop/Laptop view:

Mobile view:

Config interface:


The bar graph feed type dropdown select input has the following options: watt hours elapsed, kwh elapsed, kwh per day, power (Watts) to select the feed type that you want to use, as each feed type is handled differently but all can be used to generate daily kwh values.

There's a lot of things Id like to do to expand this pre-built dashboard interface: add the option to create different tabs for different household circuits, solar pv, building thermal performance, tooltips, energy cost information, option to see last 24h realtime data and so on.

Here are some concepts of what Im thinking, (left most one already developed).  Ultimately it might be possible to create an account in emoncms and then when an emontx gets detected it could fire up a wizard that then asks what channel is the emontx measuring home electric on, which channel is solar pv and so on, emoncms would then autoconfigure the input processing and create the applicable dashboard interfaces:

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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

very very nice ! congrats !

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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

Nicely presented and very easy to read on a phone.

Is there any read-only access to the page - (without sending the API key in the URL).



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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

Good job, Trystan! You solved all of the issues and now My Electricity panel is a great interface for mobile device ! Maybe one tip for future development - for me would be great to have stacked bar option - I have separate heating and separate warm water preparation consumption feed. In a dashboard Im using these two feeds kwh/d showed as a stacked bar and to get them to this mobile device would be great.

Anyhow - your other concepts look pretty cool and I cant wait to them. Now Im studying your cookbook about Emoncms architecture to be able to participate in future development of this great system and not just sit and wait.

Good luck and thanks for your effort!

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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8


Paul: not yet, it could have a make public option like the other dashboards i guess.

rbreuss: i agree that would be nice.This tutorial might be useful too


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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

Re; Twitter post tonight asking for feedback...

The information is clear & concise with a nice contemporary design, and having used it for a week or so, I've grown to like it!

I'm sure that not everyone would agree, but I would prefer to lose the top header & menu option - especially if there is a 'public option'.
This would free up some real estate, possibly leaving some space for 'tabs' to be introduced, and reduce the temptation to look behind the scenes at inputs/feeds/dashboards etc.

Also, would there be a way allow users to add/select what tabs that they would like to see, so for example, not everyone is monitoring solar, some are monitoring gas/water/temp/whatever. Maybe add tabs via a library? (and should it be called 'myelectric'?)


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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

Super Trystan, well done,

I like the solar and the house options. I am thinking this could be a great replacement for the emonglcd if used on a small android tablet mounted on a wall. This is what we are hoping to do with ours as it has even more presence than the small lcd of the Glcd. Great work keep it up!



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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

Paul, Nathan, thankyou for the comments

Paul: Yes might be interesting to look at how the tabs could be moved to the top menu and then a settings button that provided access to inputs, feeds etc. I was thinking to initially put the tabs in the space above the top gray line.

Yes some kind of configuration interface a way to add multiple tabs of say the 'myelectric' view for different monitored circuits and whether you have pv or room temperature monitoring. I agree 'myelectric' as a module name will need to be changed soon as this module develops.

Nathan: We've been wondering about this too, being able to use web technologies to make the display is nice, I have the myelectric dashboard as a bookmark on my mobile home screen and dock it when its in the house so that its always showing the dashboard.

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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

I am currently using an old HTC Desire phone as my display unit sitting in a stand charger.  Needs an app to keep wifi running then just view a dashboard in a browser.

These new dashboards look great.  I really need to upgrade my Emoncms but I really do not want to as it will be a faf as the Pi runs a load of other stuff as well.

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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

I am thinking a app for iphone/pad and android would be the best option but personally have no idea how to do it. Must have a look into it and see how hard it is.




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Re: myelectric dashboard improvements v8.0.8

This is an old question asked, but some may still be looking for a solutition ::

       Is there any read-only access to the page - (without sending the API key in the URL)

I modified my myelectric_controller.php to check for the read key (atleast not exposing my write key), but this does not get around NOT using your api key altogether ..

if ($route->action == "view" && $session['read']) $result = view

This way you can see your myelectric changing the link by inserting the read apikey :)

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