Sensus 620c Water Meter

As part of their regional roll-out Portsmouth Water recently installed a Water Meter outside my house. My head, of course, instantly filled with ideas of how I may be able to remotely read the readings off this new meter as I do with my Electricity and Gas meters.

The meter which was installed is a Sensus 620c (which I believe is standard issue in the South of England). The meter does appear to have a metal spinning disk which appears as if it could be used to count 'pulses' (and therefore consumption) and I was wondering if anyone on has already had any experience reading stats from this particular device and can advise on possible solutions?

The following blog post contains notes, photos and ideas which I made at the time of installation of the 620c:

Another problem includes the fact that the Water Meter is installed in a pit in the pavement outside my house therefore power and RF distance is also an issue.

Thanks in advance.






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Re: Sensus 620c Water Meter

Given the meter's location, in your shoes I'd be sorely tempted to get my own meter with the appropriate interface installed in a much more convenient place!

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Re: Sensus 620c Water Meter

Hi Robert, Indeed, I am beginning to think this myself! I will have a problem getting at my internal piping under the floor (but this is starting to sound less tricky than getting anything installed outside in the street).

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Re: Sensus 620c Water Meter

I just got a new water meter installed, a sensus 620. I successfully installed a sensor for the cog wheel on my previous water meter. The accuracy is incredible: 25ml can be measured!

I used the connection described here:

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Re: Sensus 620c Water Meter

25ml accuracy... how did you manage that?

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