which board kits are for sale?

Hi togehter,


I just wanted to know if you still offer board kits for sale?

I've bought a lot of themn in the past but cannot find any in this times. Im very interessed in funky v1 or the old raspberryPI board based on ATtiny84, which was great.

I yes let me know that I can buy 20 pieces for the beginning.

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Re: which board kits are for sale?

We don't have any left unfortunately, the v2 because it uses the atmega328 has better serial support, I would go for the v2 if you can. Alternatively you could always get a batch of the boards made up yourself, the pcb files are still available:


ragworm is a nice pcb service in the uk: http://ragworm.eu/

or maybe someone might be interested in selling you their old ones?

Here's a link to the v2 version that is available in the shop:


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