Direct connect 2 RPI

Hi All,

I would like to hardwire the TX v3 to my Raspberry Pi, not a huge problem in itself because  there is already a posting on the subject with a link to a sketch.

I would like to achieve the same end but using the  emonTx V3 CT1234 + 3-phase Voltage example,

I am new to the Arduino and it's sketches, but not to programing, and I am scratching my head a bit at this stage, is there anyone who could point me in the right direction?




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Re: Direct connect 2 RPI

I don't quite understand your problem. The Serial Demo sketch uses the serial output only, so there is nothing related to the RFM12B radio module. All sketches can use the serial output, but it's generally a bad idea to leave the serial output in use when the radio is also in use. If you're not using the radio, then you just need to print the outputs you require to the Serial port. All that sketch does is print 5 numbers separated by spaces, terminated with a newline. You must do the same in the 3-phase sketch.

If you don't have the radio module fitted, or you don't want to use it, just make sure you don't call the associated functions; otherwise, if the module is not there, your sketch will probably lock up.

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