CT and multiple wires


I would like to put the CTs into a derivation box where I have multiple electric wires.

I wonder if the vicinity of other wires can interfere with the measures or if it just needs that 1 wire is inside the CT and that's all?

What space (if any) is needed around the CT without any wires?

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Re: CT and multiple wires

"it just needs that 1 wire is inside the CT and that's all?" Generally, that is correct. There will be a very small interaction if you have another wire carrying a very high current that is very close (touching). I am testing an emonTx V3 with the standard 100 A YHDC ct and with a bundle of 20 wires carrying 5 A touching the ct (as if it were a parallel conductor carrying 100 A), it reads approx 35 W, that's equivalent to a current in a wire through the ct of about 150 mA. Moving it away to a distance of 50 mm, the power dropped to 15 W (~60 mA).

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