EmonTx Shield V2 compatible with Arduino Mega?


There are a couple of things that I have been trying to learn about the EmonTx Shield V2. While it is compatible with Uno, and Leonardo, has anyone got it working with a Mega 2560? Is it easy to do?

Also, could anybody tell me the maximum power the shield would draw during normal operation? I would like to use it along with the Adafruit SD datalogging shield, on the Mega, and don't want to blow the polyfuse on the Mega's input!

If making the shield and the Mega communicate is too much trouble, then I plan on using the standalone emonTx V3. If anyone has any experience of interfacing this with the Mega on a wired connection, a pointer or two would be immensely appreciated!

Thanks a load in advance!


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Re: EmonTx Shield V2 compatible with Arduino Mega?

Hi Gwilym, 

Yes, the shield is compatible with Arduino Mega. If you just want to use serial only output it should work out of the box. If you want to use the RFM12B there may be some issues.

I have added some links to the shield documentation linking to a project that uses the shied on an Arduino MegaR3: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/emontxshield/smt

Please post on this thread if you have any issues.  

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Re: EmonTx Shield V2 compatible with Arduino Mega?

Does anybody have an idea how the person who made the emonTX with the 4x20 LCD display made it work?


alot of people are having issues with his code.. specificaly the LcdBarGraph lib.



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Re: EmonTx Shield V2 compatible with Arduino Mega?

Since I was looking for the information myself how to put emontx shield on mega - and the linked youtube video doesnt explain jack - figured out from various sources how it's done, pretty easy actually and should have been explained with that one sentence here long ago! good for the product.

- Wire shield pins for MOSI MISO SS and SCK (10-13) to MEGA pins marked as such. Google arduino mega pinout to see. (50-53)

Attatched pics of my shield redone.

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