Thoughts from the Open Source Awards


I attended this year's Open Source Awards in Edinburgh last night, representing OpenEnergyMonitor.

While the company award was taken by Alfresco (don't worry, there will be a next time...) I did enjoy the limitless refreshment laid on by the Informatics Forum and spoke about the project with a bunch of people.

I'm not exactly a veteran of open source so it was quite interesting to be plunged into the scene.

I did find some questions a little tricky to answer, mainly because people seemed to want a neat bundled explanation of the project's direction, a soundbite of where we are aiming. I think many assumed it was more company driven than is the case (i.e. there's a mainstream energy company / spin-off, who happen to be open sourcing their product).

It would have been nice to have a tablet with a specimen dashboard on it to impress.




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Re: Thoughts from the Open Source Awards

Thanks again for going along, I'm glad you were looked after. What size was the event? Was there many attendees? 

Open-source companies and the level of openness does vary a lot. I like to think that we are on the more open and community focused side of things. 

Sometimes when large companies open-source something it can be seen as a gesture rather than actual commitment to open source 

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Re: Thoughts from the Open Source Awards

No problem... happy to be of service.

I'd say 100-120 attendees maybe. Aside from the one keynote it was really mainly a networking event - there seem to be quite a lot of people doing one thing or another in the Edinburgh area. Nothing that leaped out as relevant for us though (I was like "open hardware. Yes, hardware..." about a hundred times ;-)


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