single core mains wire

I feel a bit of a fraud asking such a question here, but it would be great if anyone were able to help ...

I need to supply three cables from one aperture of a 57A terminal block.  Two of these cables need to carry 13A so I intend to use 1.5mm2 cross-section.  The third one carries minimal current so can be smaller. 

To date, a convenient source of such cable has been to remove the outer insulation from standard 3-core flex.  These individual cores can be stripped and twisted together very effectively as shown in the attached photos.   Now, I would like to find a source of such cable - just the inner cores, without the outer sheath.

But so far, no luck.  Becausue the individual threads in each of the cores are of similar diameter, they mesh together nicely.  But single-core 1.5mm2 multi-stand wire has fewer threads, of greater diameter.  Compatible wire doesn't seem to be available at any smaller cross-section.   Three 1.5mm2 cores twisted together might be too much for the connector to accommodate.

The world must be awash with reels of single-core multi-strand cable ready for combining into flex.  I just need to find a few of these of the right colours ...

All feedback welcome,

TIA, Robin

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Re: single core mains wire

THIS for example. (30/0.25mm). But expensive as a 100 m reel.

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Re: single core mains wire

Thanks Robert, for reminding me (yet again!) not to overlook the power of Farnell and its excellent search facility.  I had checked on their CPC site but this particular line of silicone cable is not stocked there.

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Re: single core mains wire

It's very frustrating how CPC and Farnell are essentially the same web interface, with largely common stock, but different prices. I often have to split orders in two to get best value.

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