Emoncms Temperature widget

Hello Trystan, one simple question.

I have a ds18b20 sensor for monitoring alsothe  temperature of my home, in the dashboard if i add the dial or jgauge widget the temp is displayed with no value after the decimal point, however if i add the feed value the temperature is displayed with full values.

Is possible to correct this with a trick or is not possible?

Thanks in advance , my best regards

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Re: Emoncms Temperature widget

The dial only shows a decimal point if the value is below 10


If you are hosting your own copy of emoncms you can modify it yourself and would need to edit line 184 of the following file:


to be

position = position.toFixed(1);


Unfortunately it is not currently an option on emoncms.org.  As the site is primarily about energy monitoring the dial was initially designed for power readings. I'm guessing that if the change was made for all it would negatively impact more people than would gain, so I doubt this change will end up in the project source code.  Although I would love to be proved wrong ;-)

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Re: Emoncms Temperature widget

hi ukmoose, thanks for your explanation.

Ok but i use emoncms.org and not on my raspberry, patience i tried :)



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