Emontx V3 Eagle files


I want to use an Emontx V3 as a DC current monitor. I needed to check the board layout to see where to best connect my 2 analogue signals (current and voltage). I downloaded the files from solderpad but when I tried to open them in Eagle (light) I get a message:-

Loading M:/Documentation/EnergyMonitoring/emonTx V3.2.sch ...


line 3, column 67: This is not an EAGLE file.

The version 2 files I have open without trouble. Has any one any clues to what is causing the problem?

Or can point me to files I can open in Eagle light.



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Re: Emontx V3 Eagle files

Hi Ian,

I had some trouble opening them as well, I think I ended up copying and pasting the data from a webpage to text files and saving with the brd & sch extensions. try these





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Re: Emontx V3 Eagle files

Hi Paul

Many thanks.



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Re: Emontx V3 Eagle files

It seems right click and saving the file as from SolderPad does not seem to work. 

If you Git clone the solderpad repo it works fine and the Eagle files open

$ git://solderpad.com/openenergymon/emontxv3.git

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