Moteino gateway

Hi to all, 

I would like to ask you if any of you can help me set up right settings for Moteino gateway to talk to EmonCms. 

I have been struggling now for couple of weeks but I feel I am still at the beginning. 

So what I want to do is install EmonCms on my Pi using instructions but then the settings at oemgateway.conf bugs me. Here I am lost. 

The Moteino from LowPowerLabs is using different settings on gateway

#include <RFM69.h>
#include <SPI.h>
#include <SPIFlash.h>

#define NODEID        1    //unique for each node on same network
#define NETWORKID     100  //the same on all nodes that talk to each other
//Match frequency to the hardware version of the radio on your Moteino (uncomment one):
#define FREQUENCY     RF69_433MHZ
//#define FREQUENCY     RF69_868MHZ
//#define FREQUENCY     RF69_915MHZ
#define ENCRYPTKEY    "sampleEncryptKey" //exactly the same 16 characters/bytes on all nodes!
//#define IS_RFM69HW    //uncomment only for RFM69HW! Leave out if you have RFM69W!
#define ACK_TIME      30 // max # of ms to wait for an ack
#define LED           9  // Moteinos have LEDs on D9
#define SERIAL_BAUD   115200

Here I don't know how to match both oemgateway.conf and Gateway.ino together. But I do want to use the 868MHZ

Second, actually first option is go with Raspberry Pi + Harddrive + Emoncms but first for testing purpose I would like to go with Emocms hosting.

What I actually want is to get graph reading on water meter

I know Moteinos are not EmonCms product but please any help would be more than appreciated I am having no luck on official Moteino forum. 


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Re: Moteino gateway

I think you need to take a step back.  

You are looking at a script that is designed for the RFM12Pi and those settings are there to configure the board if needed and the scripts then take data in the format it is transmitted and converts it into the correct values for emoncms.

First of all you will need to see that you can read data from the Moteino.  The best way is to hook it up to the raspberry pi and then use minicom to see the data coming from the serial device.

You'll need to setup the serial port to enable you to do that

You will also need to ensure that you are using the correct version on WaterMote that matches the RF69 you are using.


When you are recieving data that makes sense then move on to modifying a python script that takes data and sends it on to Emoncms.


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