9V AC - AC transformer Din Rail mount.

I want to install a emontx V3 in my meter box. (well 3 actually one for each phase) and the simplest solution would be to use a din-rail mount transformer.  


Does anyone see any issue with using this transformer?

Are there any other din mount 9v AC transformers out there? 


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Re: 9V AC - AC transformer Din Rail mount.

You ideally want to know the regulation, and how accurately it reproduces the input voltage over the full voltage range, i.e. how much distortion it introduces. Knowing the regulation will allow you to calculate the calibration constant, and an absence of core saturation will give a small phase error, low distortion and better accuracy.

There are undoubtedly many manufacturers of DIN-rail transformers. Although DIN-rail mounting is common in industrial equipment, these are of no interest to us in the UK as I have yet to see a DIN-rail domestic consumer unit.

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