EmonGLCD HomeEnergyMonitor not working, but Test program OK

Hi. I have built a EmonGLCD and get the tester sketch to work, but when loading the HomeEnergyMonitor, or the solar version, it locks up. After installing the SolarPV i am able to change view a couple of times, then it locks up and needs to be reset by cutting the power. The rfm12b gets hot, and i beleive it is possibly the cause of my problems. Does anyone know what might cause this ??

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Re: EmonGLCD HomeEnergyMonitor not working, but Test program OK

The RFM12B should not get hot. The obvious check first - you have soldered it in the correct way round? If that's OK, use a hand lens and very carefully check all the soldering around it - you're looking for whiskers of solder bridging between adjacent pads. Also look everywhere for solder splashes, although if you've soldered the display in position it will be almost impossible to see anything on the solder side further than a few mm from the edge.

I've had an emonGLCD powered while I've been writing this and checking the circuit diagram, and I can't say from putting a finger on the RFM12B that it's at anything other than ambient temperature.

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Re: EmonGLCD HomeEnergyMonitor not working, but Test program OK

found the error, i soldered it in the wrong way around. Ordered a new one, and will try again:)

Could not believe it, i must have been totally blind, as it is marked on the pcb wich side the crystal is supposed to be.

It was hard to desolder RFM12B, i and will have to wire the top 3 connections on the right, otherwise it should work.

Have received a replacement and will try again tomorrow.



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