Emontx component questions


Speccing up the parts on Farnell's website, and noticed that there is no socket for the ATMega - do I need one (guess so) and if so will this fit http://uk.farnell.com/te-connectivity-amp/1-390262-2/socket-ic-dil-0-6-2...

Also, as well as the part number for the processor (1715487) on your parts list, there is a seperate arduino chip listed with bootloader ( p/n 1848694). although the one with the boolooder is cheaper, which seems weird.


Is there anythimg else missing from the parts list which I will need.

Gonna be ordering a PCB or two from yourselves this week. I already have a spare Efergy CT so am planning to utilise that, otherwise I would have ordered a full kit.





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Re: Emontx component questions

 Hi Gav, 

If you order an ATmega 328 without the bootlaoder you will have to flash the unit to be able to upload code. To do this you will require another Arduino or an ISP programmer. 

The Efergy CT comes with a 2.5mm jack plug (emonTx uses 3.5mm) and a different number of tunrs on the CT (see: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/156). The emonTx has been designed to work with the seeedstudio SCT-013-000 CT.

We will be opening our online shop in the next month to sell compleate kits. Please fill in the online interest form if your intersted and we wil get back to you. 

All the best, 

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