Emontx v3 - Prebuilt High amps readings


My emontx when first plugged in read what seemed good amps readings. (20-50)

But now a week later for some reason it is reading 90 amps. Which must be a mistake. Pretty sure the feed into the house is not capable of that much. And there is certainly not enough appliances on to read that much.

It also switched from positive readings to negative ones. 

What are the steps to troubleshoot the emontx high readings?




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Re: Emontx v3 - Prebuilt High amps readings

First check all the silly things that could not possibly go wrong! Are all the plugs fully home? Has anyone fiddled with it? Are you running off batteries - if so are they healthy? Is the power supply otherwise correct? How are you seeing the current?

If those don't show anything untoward, you need to do a systematic fault-find and follow a logical procedure to find the source of the problem. Full details of your set-up and how you are reading what would be a good starting point.

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