emonTx V3 && (BLE 4.0 || WiFi)


Is it possible to implement "emonTX" with Bluetooth Low Energy or WiFi?

Is it possible to connect directly the "emonTX" module with the RaspberryPi without wireless? USB or GPI...

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Re: emonTx V3 && (BLE 4.0 || WiFi)

emonTx V3 cannot easily work with wifi. 

The emonTx V3 could be connected direct to Pi either via GPIO to Rx Tx on emonTx V3 UART or via USB to UART into Pi's USB. The OEM Gateway can be easily configured on the Pi to receive serial data via USB port and post to emoncms: https://github.com/Jerome-github/oem_gateway


See this thread for info in setting up OEM gateway for serial data: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/3693

You will need to edit the emonTx firmware to output serial instead of using RFM12B

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Re: emonTx V3 && (BLE 4.0 || WiFi)


i would make the same things: 

connect emonTx v3 to raspberry via GPIO to UART [or to a NanodeRF, i suppose that raspberry is too powerful (and so a wasteful of energy) to only send data to the web server]

But on last you wright that we had to edit emonTx firmware.

I have no idea of how is made a firmware.....is complex make this change?

Thanks in advance

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Re: emonTx V3 && (BLE 4.0 || WiFi)

See this thread for info on how to connect emonTx V3 to Raspi GPIO http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/3872

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