Hi Guys,

Forgive me if there is a thread on this but i couldn't see one. I am not entirely sure what this would come under so let me know if i am in the wrong place.

I have a pi with the rfm12pi installed and I am using the gateway SD card image to forward data to my own Linux server.

Is there an easy solution to remove the Pi from the equation and just plug a rfm12 type usb receiver into the linux box that is running the emoncms and have it all work that way? As i have read about using multiple PIs as gateways to the same emoncms server i assume I should be able to have a usb dongle in the linux server and then put a Pi somewhere else on the network to relay data from sensors that are too far to reach the linux server and dongle?


I am aware of the need to maybe control this with different group number etc so both receivers can't see the same sensor.


Is there a guide and a device that is recommended? I see there are a few options for hardware.




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Yes you can do this, but you'd obviously need to modify the sketch to point at the USB serial port.

take a look at

If you google "jeelink emoncms" you should find some pages to help you

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Thanks for the heads up. Sorry the system still fails to mail me when someone comments on my thread.

I have ordered a USB dongle for the server and will start playing with that this weekend.

Thanks again


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Help please.


I am trying to use a JeeLink USB dongle to get data from an emonTX V3 to emoncms. I have the emoncms up and running pluged in the JeeLink, followed the instructions here: - installed Python, pyserial and the pylink script. The pylink script stops on the readline.

I am guessing I need to program the JeeLink and it does work straight out the box. If I do can someone point me in the right direction as to how to program the JeeLink and where to find some suitable code.

Many thanks,


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