Wanted: arduino appliances control outlet wanted

Hi everyone:

I found this tutorial:http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Controlled-Relay-Box/?ALLSTEPS

which is about how to use arduino to build an Arduino Controlled Relay Box.


I'm planning to do some smart home experiments, so I need a lot of such boxes (over 50 sets). It may be too time-consuming to build over 50 boxes by myself. So my question is: are there any products similar?

My requirement is:

the control MCU is Arduino and it allows me to upload my own code to the MCU (open source)

The reason I ask this question is that: the products provided by openergymonitor.org can only monitor the energy consumption, but it cannot control those outlets/sockets/appliances. The ultimate product I need is a set of devices can both monitor and control the appliances/sockets. 


Could anyone provide any information/link about my question?


Thank you!


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Re: Wanted: arduino appliances control outlet wanted

Don't know if this fits your bill (it requires you to wire the arduino in a central control box instead of wiring it in at the socket), but it would give you a lot of flexibility (and you wouldn't need 50 of them):


It can be din mounted using standard plastic encasings like these: http://sigma-shop.com/userfiles/productlargeimages/product_251.jpg

You would only need to either add the appropriate number of monitoring circuits, maybe with a separate emontx feeding data via i2c



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Re: Wanted: arduino appliances control outlet wanted

Thank you!

It is better and less time-consuming, but still a little more work for me ..


Any better solutions?


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Re: Wanted: arduino appliances control outlet wanted

I'm working/thinking on these things right now... to control/Dim DC LED lighting... and am considering the rf wireless connect to small arduino boards powered from the DC 24V that goes to each Socket... Don't really have much time to write up anything but here are the simply notes I did for myself if its any help, definitly not something finished or Plug and play... but incase its of interest.

I've priced it at about $30 per dimmer or remote switch/sensor... but this is all just an idea

------------------ Heres my notes -------------------------

TinyDuino Processor Board  $20 + 1 usb programmer 15
tinylilymini   $10 + 1 usb programmer 15

For each light switch Need

1) 1 * Adjustable DC/DC Power Converter (1.25V - 35V/3A) $4
2) 1 * 433Mhz RF Transmitter And Receiver Kit $1
3) 1 * low power/small arduino $10-20
4) 1 * RM-RFDIMMER-1CH-12V - Protocol:1 / BitLength:24 off ebay $15

Total of $40/light switch


1) inside each switch or external box nextto switch add 1,2,3

2) hardwire light on

3) install 4) in ceeling or next to light

4) get RC code for each remote/driver and setup master transmitter to understand each, to centrally control all lights.

Another option is DigiStump

1) 1 * Adjustable DC/DC Power Converter (1.25V - 35V/3A) $4
2) 1 * 433Mhz RF Transmitter And Receiver Kit $1
3) 1 * DigiStump dev usb board $10
4) 1 * Digistump Mosfet kit $6 / sparkfuns MOSFET Power Control Kit $4

Total of $20/light switch

1) Wire manual switch (perhaps change to rocker type) direct to 5VDC then to Arduino to trigger PWM change if held and on/off if not held.
2) output from Mosfet kit goes direct to LED lights

circuit diagram
Arduino PWM drives MOSFET kit...
1 digital input from 5v light

Or again Motenino as has more flash memory for bigger programs 32k instead of just 6k
http://lowpowerlab.com/shop/moteino-r4 $12  + 7 for  tramiter/reciever

or for $8 theres Microduino-Core
Femtoduino for $12 no power regulation


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