EmonGLCD...setting time correctly is a chimera.


I am fighting with my emonglcd (v1.5), and I don't know if it's the correct way to setup time correctly.

I have loaded "solarPV" sketch, however the same behaviours happens when I loaded "solarPV_old".


1. Raspberry has the date and hour correctly setup.

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ date
Sat Jan 25 15:03:20 CET 2014

2. When I switch on the emonGLCD it shows "00:00 or 12:00" depending on the sketch used.

Just when I log into emoncms and go "raspberry" section and I change the value in the "Broadcast time to synchronize emonGLCD", just sometimes, not always, the time in emonglcd is setup "more or less" correctly*

* Time is always one hour before the one that is in the system, for this example 14:03.

** This time, changes betwen old time(initial time) and new time, along with the backlight. :-(

Sometimes, that I am fighting to try to send correct date by changing the value in the emoncms, the emonglcd shows the sentence "basefail", however, the power values are changing correctly.


Thanks in advance, any help, so much appreciated.


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Re: EmonGLCD...setting time correctly is a chimera.

Well..........after updating the raspberry + hdd configuration.....everything goes fine with the exception of the date

I've followed this thread:



Does anyone know why when I unplug the emonGLCD, and plug it again.....the solar is not counted?? I must then reboot the emontx and both figures (main + FV are then visible.:




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Re: EmonGLCD...setting time correctly is a chimera.

Hi, anyone knows what needs to be done in order to show the time correctly?

I am a little bit lost.




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Re: EmonGLCD...setting time correctly is a chimera.

emoncms.org sends the time back following a request from your base. The base should send that by radio to the emonGLCD. The format is:


and you can see that if you connect to emoncms.org with your browser and send a time request:

http://emoncms.org/time/local.json?&apikey=[your APIKey]

I know very little about the RPi, however that same time string should be generated somewhere inside your RPi and transmitted to your emonGLCD. When your emonGLCD has received and decoded a time string, it sets its internal software clock and continues to use that until it is "corrected" by a new time from your RPi.

If the Node number of your RPi is not set to the node the emonGLCD expects (15 is the default, I think), the time will be ignored, so that is something to check.

Somebody who knows about the internals of the RPi software should be able to give you some better help.

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Re: EmonGLCD...setting time correctly is a chimera.

Francesc, the time on is now provided by the packetgen module in the latest emoncms + harddrive image. Navigate to extras and then use the reset packetgen module button. It creates a packet type that has the time information in it. Then set the control packet send rate to something like once every 60s, that should do it.

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