SNMP or XML feed from emonBase?


I am considering setting up a emonBase, emonTX v3 setup to monitor energy usage in my house.  I have a portion of my house backed up with an inverter/charger battery backup system ( and I intend to monitor the output of this system as well as overall power usage in the house.  I have a few computer systems attached to the inverter charger that I would like to be able to power off after a period of time running on battery, and I am investigating the network ups tools (NUT, as a means of shutting items down when my house is running on battery.

NUT has the ability to communicate with an SNMP or XML enabled UPS.  So, my question is, how difficult would it be to write an SNMP or XML agent, which would run on the emonBase, to access the data that is being collected by the system?

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Re: SNMP or XML feed from emonBase?

SNMP can be quite easily expanded with shell scripts. see

I guess it would be possible to use the API of emonCMS with a shell script triggered by a self defined MIB?




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