RFM12 causing interference to other equipments

I have started an installation with a emonTxV2 (used to decode the teleinformation from EDF's electric meter and therefore located in the garden), an emonGLCD and an emonBase (Raspi+HDD). All these guys communicate though RF using 433MHz.

The system has been working for a few days without any problems and suddenly I got two side effects in a raw: first the remote control of my automatic gate has been reinitialized and a little bit later I was not able to use the remote control of my car anymore. Looking at the documentation of those equipment, I realized they are also operating in the 433MHz band.

Therefore, I am suspecting that my RFM12 network is causing some interference. Has anyone already encountered similar problems?

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Re: RFM12 causing interference to other equipments

All devices on the same frequency will interfere with each other, the important thing is that they are only transmitting for relatively short amounts of time and that the space between each transmission is large so that there is a small probability of two devices transmitting at the same time. Could one of the rfm12 modules be transmitting continuously? did you change any code? did the problem with the car keys go away when you turned the system off?

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Re: RFM12 causing interference to other equipments

I have had the same problem. Rather than repeating everything if you look up the thread  "Car keys not working"  you will be able to see what happened and how, with the help of others on the forum, the problem was solved.

Hope this helps.


[Edit: Inserted the link for you - RW]

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