a guides section

thinking of it.... would there be interest in a guides section between building blocks and community ?


my plan was to create easy step by step guides that even the not so technical person can follow

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Re: a guides section

Surely the correct way is to expand what we have, rather than add a third layer that runs the risk of adding more confusion - especially if it is not kept up to date and results in conflicting information?

A little while ago, someone posted a heart-felt plea for an absolute beginner's guide to the emonTx and NanodeRF. That person clearly felt that what we have started at too high a level - which I think is what you are saying - and I'm presently helping by PM. When that comes to fruition, it might well be worth examining the correspondence closely and adding the salient points to the existing material. But as the NanodeRF seems to have gone out of fashion, it might not be a good use of my time and effort to put too much into that area.

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Re: a guides section

Bo, it's good that you continue to support the forum, but I have to agree with the previous post by Robert.

It's important that OEM develops organically to ensure that it progresses systematically, and a third layer may not be the best way to progress....


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