RF singnal updating


I made a emontx using a pro-mini like small board, powered by 3XAAA 1.2V batteries. It's works good. I receive the data by both LCD and a gateway. Here is the photo for review the data from it.

But i found a problem. When the battery is down or the emontx stop working. The POWER still shows the last value(both gateway and LCD). The KWH still calculated using the last power value. Without checking the emontx, we don't know what happens. Because the LCD and web page still show the value.

Does any one know how to fix this problem? Any solution?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: RF singnal updating

You must remember the time when the last data from the emonTx was received, then calculate when you expect the next data to arrive. If it does not arrive at the time you expect or soon after, then you do something. What you think is the correct thing to do is your decision. You must do this both in your display and in your gateway.

Look at the sketches for the emonGLCD and the NanodeRF to see how it is done.

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