3 Phase measurement

I have a 3 Phase installation in my house and I envisage to install OpenEnergyMonitor for monitoring my global electricity consumption.

I have seen a lot a discussions on the Labs and Forum pages about 3-Phase measurement, but it is not clear to me if it can be done in a simple way with only one EmonTxV3, whithout adding specific software.

Hence, my questions :

1/ Can ONE  standard EmonTxV3-fully-assembled (as proposed in OEMShop) with 3 CT sensors and one AC-AC power supply correctly measure my total electricity consumption, without any specific software ?

2/ Or, will it be necessary  to load additionnal piece of software to make appropriate assumptions and corrections. In this case, where in the OEM site can I find the right software to be used, with instructions to load and use it. ?

3/ How will be calculated the sum of the 3 powers in EmonTx or Emoncms . Is it done automatically ? or will I have to do configure it myself with my own input process (Inputs, Input process, feeds) in Emoncms ?


Thanks in advance



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Re: 3 Phase measurement

living with denmark and having 3 phase also i can say:

1) no, each phase is not in sync so you will need 3 ac adapters

there is a thread somewhere with true 3phase monitoring

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Re: 3 Phase measurement

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Re: 3 Phase measurement

Hello Boelle,

You say "you will need 3 ac adapters", which does mean I will need 3 EmonTXV3 ???



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Re: 3 Phase measurement

for absolute best possible accuracy yes...

with only one it will always be "guesswork" as it only have one AC input


i have posted the link to the full fat 3 phase thread but as i put an internal link in post it have to ok'ed by a moderator.... 

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Re: 3 Phase measurement

If you are not concerned with absolute precision, then it is possible to run with one ac adapter and delay the voltage reference in software for use with the second and third phases. Unfortunately, there is no solution - other than three emonTx V3s - that meets your requirement of "whithout adding specific software".

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