pulse input with emonTx v3?

So perhaps this SHOULD be obvious, but it wasn't to me despite a solid 15 minutes of searching... so if I missed it somewhere easy flame on.  ;-)

On the emonTx v3, is there a dedicated pulse counter input?  I see one marked on the version 2 emonTx, but not on the v3.  It's unclear to me whether one of the other ports can be used for this, or whether it's just not included.

I'd also suggest that somewhere on the v3 wiki page (http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/modules/emonTxV3) we at least mention the word pulse so people searching can find the answer.  ;-)


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Re: pulse input with emonTx v3?

You were looking in the wrong places. Is this what you wanted: http://wiki.openenergymonitor.org/index.php?title=EmonTx_V3#Utility_Mete...

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Re: pulse input with emonTx v3?

Yes, mucho thanku.

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