Heat metering in domestic heating systems

As per my other post, I am looking to install a monitoring system on an air source heat pump.

One of the key parts of working out the COP on a heat pump is how much heat the system is producing, and this is normally done using a heat meter (which is essentially an integrated flow meter and two temperature sensors).

I am going to try to do this with a cheap clamp on ultrasonic flow meter from China, connected to two PT100 sensors. When I say cheap, this is probably still going to be in the region of £150.

Has anyone else had any experience of heat metering in domestic heating systems? I would like to have a non-invasive system - draining down a system to fit a flow meter and pockets is expensive and time consuming.

The cheapest easily available heat meter appears to be the ELF ones:


And there are ultrasonic meters available as part of the RHI scheme, but they aren't clamp on so require draining down.

I remember seeing a project where the flow meter was disposed of, and just temperature sensors were used. Some kind of inference is made from the temperature to work out the flow, but I can't find it now.

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Re: Heat metering in domestic heating systems

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Re: Heat metering in domestic heating systems

That is a nice idea! it would be interesting to try that.

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Re: Heat metering in domestic heating systems

lurking on openenergy again i wonder if reading data from meters that require 2 way coms could be included under the subject?


my meter requires a kind of request before it will deliver data on the ir interface....


i have tried to build an interface but failed.... first of all i simply did not get enough difference between 5V and 0V to be able to read of data if any came out at all


please give an idea if there is much interest in getting kamstrup meters included... i even have the full protocol sheet but no expert in reading those...


the ir interface should be pretty simple.... http://kildal.dk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/kamstrup-ir.png


one guy have done this on arduino but did not know the specs on the ir diodes as he had just taken them out of old ir remotes...


upps.. his site is updated... so now i know excatly what to get: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Photo_Reflective_Sensor


and a sketch.... http://kildal.dk/?page_id=432


let me know if there is any interest.... if not if any could help me adjust the sketch to work on openenegy's platform





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Re: Heat metering in domestic heating systems

not sure if my last post is waiting for a mod to see it...



but would inclusion of heat meters that use 2way ir coms be of interest? mostly i think of my own, a kamstrup multical 601... i have the full potocol sheets but dont understand any of it...


thou i will try and put an arduino to get readings from it either tomorrow or during weekend

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