40% packet loss from emonGLCDs

I have a system with 3 emonTX V2s, and 2 emonGLCDs (1 x V1.2 + 1 x V1.3). I use a Raspberry pi to log data. While developing my logging programs I noticed that I was missing a lot of transmissions from the emonGLCDs while reception from the emonTX's is very reliable. I added some code to my logging software to count the number of packets I miss from each sensor (I expect to receive an update every 10 seconds) and email me a summary every day.

I consistently record about 40% packet loss for my emonGLCDs but less than 1% for my emonTXs. Has anyone seen a similar issue?

1 emonGLCD is much closer to the pi than the emonTXs and I tried a different pi in a different location and saw similar failure rates so I don't think range is a factor.






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Re: 40% packet loss from emonGLCDs

After moving to use rock solid pi gateway i am experiencing similiar - also emonGLCD hangups which did not happen earlier, as if the comms clock speed is now different or something ?


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