TED 5000 CT Set

Hello - first of all thank you for this project.  


Awhile ago, I had worked on (but never completed) getting the TED CT clamps to connect to my Arduino.  They the ones here are http://cjhinnovations.com/shop/ted-5000-ct-set/.  These just have (or now have) loose wires on the end

Since it looks like the CT clamps referred to here have audio-like connectors attached - has anyone properly wired up the TED clamps to a connector?


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Re: TED 5000 CT Set

The c.t. you want to use should be wired to the tip and sleeve of a 3.5 mm jack plug - either way round. However, that is not the whole story. There is almost no useful information about the device on the website you've provided a link to, so you'll either have to ask the manufacturer, or test it yourself to determine the secondary current and the VA rating. From that you can work out the maximum current (which won't necessarily be the 200 A they state with their equipment) and the value of burden resistor that you need to use in order to obtain the correct input voltage for your Arduino.

You might want to look up the test report on the YHDC c.t. to see what you need to do.

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