V3 pre assembled shop query

Just discovered that the V3 is being offered as pre assembled.  However, there are some apparent inconsistencies or things that are unclear in the shop options.

1.  The CT offered; is this the high sensitivity CT or a standard CT (as discussed further down the page)?

2.  There is an option for 'Temperature Sensor' but this is then listed as a pulse sensor.

The layout is also a bit odd as the options appear to the right of the picture so limiting the boxes the options are in.

This is a really great idea and I want to get one but need to be sure I am ordering the right things!

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Re: V3 pre assembled shop query

Thanks for your interest, the CT's are the same, its the burden resistor inside the emontx v3 that is different for the high sensitivity input. Where do you see the temperature sensor listed as a pulse sensor? Glyn may have corrected it since wednesday. We havent worked out yet how to change the layout, I agree it would be good if the option boxes where a little larger.

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