Source for Australian AC-AC adapter for voltage monitoring?


 The link on the list of parts on the non-invasive 3.0 for the 9V AC-AC Power Adapter goes to the UK page for Element14 and the item is no longer available.  The AU site doesn't have an AC-AC power adapter that I can see in their search, and while their livechat guy was very pleasant, even he couldn't find an Australian alternative.

 Can anyone recommend an Australian 9V AC-AC?  Or should any 9V AC-AC adapter with the minimum output (650mA appears to be that) do the job?

 Thanks, Geoff 

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Re: Source for Australian AC-AC adapter for voltage monitoring?



I have sourced the above unit and when the other peices I need for the non-invasive circuit arrive that will be the one I use, however for reference Jaycar while not advertising the range on their website do have an extensive range of AC-AC adapters (right next to the AC-DC ones in the store I visited today).


To add a little pang of pain, theirs are slightly cheaper than the one I sourced above on eBay.


Cheers, Geoff

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